Bogus salary severance packages for Politicians in Nigeria

#Endsars# is the current happening in Nigeria. How wrong, we fight the symptom but ignore the cause! @ Liberty and Rights Advocacy Organisation we propose to embark on END BOGUS PAY FOR POLITICIANS harsh tag: #ENDBOGUSPAY4POLITICIANS# Join us in the protest march billed to start in Akure. Police brutality is symptomatic of everyone agrieved in Nigeria but the police case is only peculiar because they bear arms. After #endsars# is #endboguspay4politicians# A situation where a parliamentarian get N27m per month, Governor get over N600m per month is not only unacceptable but the Root of corruptions including craze for political appointments and vote-buying in Nigeria. Let us collectively say no to the lopsided system where the servants become the masters. Watch out for due date and be ready to join the protest. It's your right to protest!