Litigation/Legal Assistance

THE ADVOCATES’s litigation program focuses on redressing the problems of unconstitutional and extra-legal and administrative actions.It includes the provision of free legal assistance to victims of human rights abuse. Beneficiaries include: persons held for long periods awaiting trial, victims of police abuse and/or torture, unlawful termination of employment, etc.


THE ADVOCATES organizes regular conferences, workshops, open campaign and seminars targeting recidivists (persons always in conflict with the law),children, women, students, police and human rights activists. These are aimed at creating awareness and identifying solution to serious human rights problems.

Human Rights’ Pioneering and Advocacy

THE ADVOCATES shall be involved in outreach programs aimed at increasing awareness on human rights and creating democracy consciousness among Nigerians particularly, broadcasts human rights education program on local mass media, production and distribution of enlightenment materials. THE ADVOCATES also organizes outreach and awareness programs at the grassroots, reaching out to local communities, as well in local languages. THE ADVOCATES monitors and reports on the Nigerian human rights situation (highlighting concerns over specific human rights issues). THE ADVOCATES’ Human Rights advocacy program is aimed at monitoring and reporting on activities at both local and National levels in Nigeria to achieve legal reform and adoption and implementation of laws, policies and practices respecting and promoting universal human rights standards as well as good governance. THE ADVOCATESwill publish bulletins that report on government activities impacting on human rights. THE ADVOCATES will keep collections of human rights materials and information in its library. It will also operates a website and has access to information available on other websites.All of these information are available to members of the public wishing to use our facilities. THE ADVOCATES investigates and reports on various issues of concern. The reports are aimed at analyzing and reporting various human rights issues and abuses in Nigeria. The reports also recommend specific steps needed to be taken for the full realization of human rights.Human rights begins with you. Your concern and participation can make a difference

Mentoring and Family Development Programs

The Advocates is established to provide stop-gap intervention assistance for Ex-offenders through Rehabilitation, Psychological Services, Anger Management, Self Esteem Counseling, Grief Management, Parenting Education and other behavioral changing techniques to create harmony in the society.